Flattrail Investments Limited
An integrated approach to the implementation of real estate projects
In addition to own development, Flattrail Investments Limited specializes in investments and financing of the companies that are looking to develop their real estate assets. Flattrail Investments Limited has different schemes of cooperation in terms of source of funds, financing amounts, requested collateral, maturity and interest terms, etc. Each financing transaction is tailor-made to the specifics of the transaction.

As a part of its development strategy, Flattrail Investments Limited is looking for opportunities of acquisition, lease, or entering into combination deals of immovable property of various kinds in different geographies, to plan, design, develop and execute real estate projects and ventures on land plots that can either be under the ownership or through other kinds of interest.
The company specializes in the development and execution of real estate projects of various types (residential, commercial, offices) and various scopes. Flattrail Investments Limited is continuously looking for new opportunities focusing on projects in Europe.

Flattrail Investments Limited is an established company of qualified professionals that performs business activities related to investments and real estate development worldwide by using global construction quality standards, the latest technologies, and extensive international experience.

We believe that corporate responsibility starts with running a safe, efficient, and profitable business so that we are in a strong position to share wider benefits with the communities where we operate.
Our goal is to develop projects that are not only architectural masterpieces, but also examples of perfect constructions in the context of technology.
Our Team
Flattrail Investments Limited had assembled a team of professionals which are experienced in both areas of its activity – Real Estate and Financing.

Our highly skilled Investment Analysts conduct research and collaborate on ideas and advice from globally recognized financial institutions. Flattrail Investments Limited shares this information regularly with potential and existing investors using a variety of communication channels.
Our team works as a consolidated unit to evaluate and support potential investments and professionalism and commitment are the key characteristics of our team.
Our team developed to serve on the Company's board having experience in the financial and banking industries, strong background in real estate, technology, including CEE and CIS countries.
Coming from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds our team and consultants have professional competencies to support in corporate and legal issues, risk management, marketing and PR for the achievement of Company's business goal.
Our Team and Partners
Executive director: Andreas Zerides
email: andreas@flattrail.com

Auditors: K. Treppides & Co

Corporate management services: Fiduserve Management LTD

Our mission
Flattrail Investments Limited provides 360 degree investment and financial services to meet the needs of our shareholders, clients and deliver the highest level of returns.
Company Number: HE № 407512

Ioanni Stylianou, 6, 2nd floor, Office 202,
2003, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Company Number: HE № 40751
  • Address: Ioanni Stylianou, 6, 2nd floor, Office 202, 2003, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Phone: +35722008842
  • E-mail: info@flattrail.com